#48: Namibia


Hope you’re enjoying your Mother Earth this week, like we always seem to do here in the big C-O. It’s been strange, but typical spring time weather around here which has kept it interesting but also turned everything into the most lovely shade of green. It’s been an exciting baseball week for the Rockies, looks like our boys have started off with the right cleat forward (let’s hope that means Roxtober). The Bronco’s schedule has been posted for 2015-2016… so that made me all kinds of warm and fuzzy on the inside. Celebrated two years at NJH this week also. Many new and fantastic things to celebrate :)The

THE DINNER: Namibian food was something of an exciting undertaking for us. We originally picked this country to tackle several weeks ago but couldn’t find a recipe that offered exotic meat that was available to us. We set out over the last few weeks to find alligator or crocodile meat so that we could tackle many of their recipes that called for this. We were sort of successful but when it came down to it, we fell in love, love, love with a recipe for Namibia that was crab based instead. We reluctantly put our crocodile tears behind us and went full into the crab recipe, guns blazing. Namibians eat a lot of fresh and salt water animals due in large part to its extensive coast line and river system. They are offered a large array of meats to pick from that many of us in the states have ever had.

I’m sure you all recall at the beginning of this journey, we hit up Madagascar for some Peri Peri Prawns. That meal was exceptional. This one harkened back to that week for us a little too, it was this spicy crab and rice dish that captivated us. We hit up the P.O.M (Pacific Ocean Market) for some fresh crabs. I was glad on this account as I recently laid to rest my bamboo plant. Turns out my bamboo liked it better when I neglected it while I worked nights. I smothered it to death with my love and attention…. May it rest in peace. So I was glad to hit POM and grab a new one. Two birds with one stone.

Namibian Chili Crab over Rice Recipe: http://thefrozenocean.com/2014/04/20/namibian-crab/

image imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


Ease of prep and cooking: FIVE STARS out of five this Dinner!
That’s correct. You read that right. This marks our very first five star difficulty so far in our adventure. It’s 110% correct. Not exaggerated. I’m sad to report that live crabs and any sort of wok frying will increase difficulty. Apart from the cooking, the eating was difficult too. I mean, apart from shelling crab legs already posing a hardship, these were lathered in the most wonderful sauce— but that made them slippery little buggers and made it hard to get at. That being said, this was one of the best meals we have had. Ever. So please take the hardship in stride because the end product was totally worth it. The ingredient list was short and sweet and the actual cooking was a one-pot-wonder. So in reality it was just a tough go to get to the lovely meal that awaited us. Nothing to be scared about.

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for Dinner!!
This marks two weeks in a row where we have five star meals to report back to you. This was so completely delicious that we couldn’t get enough. It was just spicy enough. It was paired perfectly with rice to cut the spice and the sweet chili sauce was delightful. All in all, we are and have always been BIG fans of crab in Brovskyland–but in all fairness, this was beyond all boarders. We were happy to eat this and we already plan on making this again, regardless of the difficulty. It was worth every second of prep and hard shelling work. Wonderful and surprisingly light. It was not a meal that I felt stuffed and sluggish after- and I had two helpings.

Week #49 is a trip to Argentina for some South American fare (and possibly some wine… FYI: MALBEC comes from there, guys!!)! Foodies around the world can rejoice in the diverse and simple food that they offer. Can’t wait to venture back to the Americas next week!

Keep it real, home dawgs…
– L & K

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