#46: Israel


Happy Easter weekend, friends! Spring has certainly sprung up around the Denver area…in fact, it’s more like summer with these 80 degree temps gracing our weeks more often now. I’m not complaining. As someone with poor circulation, it’s nice to have the extra help getting my body temp up to par with humans. It’s also nice to see all the flowers and plants waking up from their winter naps.

THE DINNER: This weekend we celebrated Easter and working at National Jewish Health, it was only fitting that we honored a very big weekend in Jewish culture by having Passover and sitting seder. We tackled Israel this weekend and it was one that we wished spanned several weekends to be honest. They have such delicious food that it was honestly one of the hardest countries to narrow down a menu!

We love brisket in Brovskyland. Cooked all ways; everyday and twice on Sunday. So that was pretty much a given. We made it the traditional way which was oven roasted with veggies. It reminded me a whole lot of Sunday pot roast my mom used to make us. There was something just completely comforting about that comparison. We also made Challah bread….because how could I resist all the puns I was going to get to make with my mom (a big Gwen Stephanie fan).

Things Overheard in the Kitchen this Weekend:

  • “Wait… why would salt need to be kosher??….isn’t salt naturally just kosher?!”
  • “Challah back girrrrrrl!”  (About 100 times)
  • “Hmm… I’m not sure why I am schvitzing! I didn’t even have to knead this by hand!”
  • “Oye, I’m so glad we’re not making matzo!”
  • “Kosher salt is made without iodine…! Wait. Still not sure why that is a kosher thing…”


Challah Bread Recipe: http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-challah-bread-cooking-lessons-from-the-kitchn-181004
Braised Brisket Recipe:
































Ease of prep and cooking: THREE STARS out of five this Dinner!
Three stars… yeah, it was not easy but it was painless. The bread just takes a long time as you would anticipate homemade bread to do. It was well worth it. The brisket was more like a one star on the difficulty scale. It was “set-it-and-forget-it” type of low and slow cooking that we love to have on Sundays. All the ingredients were readily available and there were no language barriers or metric conversions to impede our progress this week. It was pretty simple. The name of the Challah game is patience, dear hearts. All good things to those how wait.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for Dinner (But FIVE STARS FOR THE BREAD!)
All good things. Meat that has been slow cooked… good. Bread that is homemade…good. Side salad….good. It was all good. The best thing about this particular brisket recipe was the fresh horseradish!! Oh, how we love a good horseradish here in the Brovsky Kingdom. We used to get fresh root from the farm and it just reminds us all of those times and also we dig a good sinus cleaning. I have to say though, apart from that, this was not a particularly outrageously delightful meal. It was simple and strong and good. Not great. What was, amazing, and show stopping and heart racing!? THE CHALLAH! It was all that and a bag of chips… kosher chips. We devoured that all week and it just was better than I could have hoped. I mean, just bread right? No. For me, it was the meal.

Week #47 is going to be a fun little trip to the Mediterranean for some Greek food!! With that I will leave you with a big, loud, “Opa!!” 🙂

Mazel tov!!!
– L & K


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