#44: Western Sahara

Happy St. Patrick’s Day week!!

I know this week is all about the green beer, corned beef and potatoes– but rest assured that those hangovers all you party animals are nursing this week will be best eliminated by some good fresh spring air. It’s been absolutely gorgeous in the Mile High City.  Sunny and mid seventies are not unusual for spring here, but this is traditionally our snowiest month… and thus far, it’s been a party for the ides of March.

THE DINNER: We wanted to travel back to Africa this week as we know that’s where a bulk of our nations reside on this journey around the world. We picked west Africa: Western Sahara. This was actually a pretty surprising meal for me this week. The recipe that L pulled was vegetarian and contained a metric ton of veggies. I was just a little taken aback. Trying not to generalize, we often immediately think of tangined meats and stews and fish dishes paired with poultry or goat and possibly a guest appearance by ancient grains when we think of Northern African cuisine. This one stopped me dead in my tracks– a whole lot of Western Saharan meals are completely veggie and vegan, for that matter.

The one that we selected was Tbikha le chou frisé aux haricot blancs et poivron rouge (Tbikha Kale with Pinto beans and Roasted Red peppers). Tbikha refers to a dish made with a combination of fresh and dry vegetables. It’s typically spicy but that heat range varies more on taste buds and household than region. The sheer amount of kale in this recipe made me jump for joy!! It was lovely…and green, so very appropriate for St. Patty’s.

Tbikha le chou frisé aux haricot blancs et poivron rouge (Tbikha Kale with Pinto beans and Roasted Red peppers) Recipe: http://thym-thym.blogspot.com/2009/04/colors-of-spring-les-couleurs-du.html?m=1
















Ease of prep and cooking: ONE STAR out of five this Dinner!
This one was in French, so there was a little effort in plugging away the recipe into Google. Looks like the person who originally posted this recipe already did the dirty work for us, that was a  piece of cake. Apart from that, it was seriously simple. It cannot get easier than this, people. It was basically 20 min from start to finish and the hardest thing will be chopping veggies. It was super easy. Really.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for Dinner!
This one was really fresh and clean. It was light and palatable. I loved the heat from the jalapeno… we added the whole thing as the recipe said it was dealers choice on that one. We love spicy food here, and it was definitely lovely. I greatly enjoy the cilantro and the kale was just wonderful. All in all it was the perfect Sunday-after-brunch-meal for us to tackle this week. I can’t imagine a better pairing except that on a bed of couscous or with some flat bread this would have been a five. It was solid and the leftovers are amazing! You often think that things like kale or lettuce or any greens get stale or squishy when heated and then served as leftovers, but the kale stands up and delivers!

Well world travelers— looks like Week #45 will have us visiting Mongolia
for a little BBQ… hope you pack an appetite!

B’ssahatkoum (“To your health!” as they say in the Sahara)
– L & K

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