#43: Cuba

Word to all you foodies out there!

Hope that your week found you warm and toasty… I know mine did as part of it was spent in sunny South Carolina visiting a very dear friend. I know for those of you that stayed here in Colorful Colorado, it was a little more of a warm up, so for that I am happy. Mom and dad flew on a solo mission to the Gulf of Mexico this week to soak up some Cuban culture and more importantly eat some Cuban food. For this I am jealous.

THE DINNER: We always wanted to have a really lovely Cuban sandwich. We have watched as many over the years have recreated and mastered this classic– open-faced, deconstructed, put in a wrap, made into a soup– it’s made it’s culinary rounds. So you can imagine our excitement to get back to th3e basics and tackle a true godfather of world cuisine. We searched for the most basic and most traditional and were happy to find it. Everything from the pressed nature of this sandwich makes it most like a Cuban take on an Italian panini style sandwich. The tangy mustard and pickle combo paired with pork is something of legend. It’s truly a brilliant undertaking. We were treading on holy ground, my friends.

Cuban Sandwich Recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/melissa-darabian/cubano-recipe.html




















Ease of prep and cooking: TWO STARS out of five this Dinner!
All in all, this is what it is. It’s a sandwich. It’s pretty standard. The difficulty comes in with it’s components. We made our own pickles for this one– so that ups the difficulty nicely to a solid two stars. Beyond that, you can simply choose pickles pre-made and that will decrease the level to making/roasting your pork and assembling the sandwiches. Pressing them into lovely gooey packets of melted meat and cheese and then devouring them should leave you at one star. All the instructions for this one were in English and not in metric so that helps out significantly.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for Dinner!
Like previously stated- this one is pretty simple. Though nothing to “write home about” it was a solid and satisfying journey to the Gulf of Mexico for the weekend food travelers we have become. It was delicious– and why shouldn’t it be? smoked pork? Good. Pickles and cheese? Good. Pressed sandwich bread and melty center? Good! It’s all good!! So in that thread it wasn’t something earth shattering, it was what it was. And what it was is delightful. Well played, Cuba. I will caution those venturing into this recipe, please be warned that bread will tear up the roof of your mouth. You’ll be hurting, but it’ll be well worth it 😉

Where should we travel to next?? Week #44 puts us in Western Sahara which is one of the least populace countries in the world. Should be exciting to see what this Spanish controlled country brings to the table!

Happy and Safe St. Patrick’s Day Weekend to you!
– L & K


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