#42: Greenland

Greetings friends!

Hopefully you’re staying warm! Snow totals have been the talk of the 5280 this week. I think we are in for some very white days this March. It was compltetly poetic that International Polar Bear Day fell this week. Along with all the snow, we have been gearing up for weddings near and far this week too. With so many of my family and friends tying the knot, it’s sort of exciting that spring is here and bringing with it new beginnings for these people I love so much.

THE DINNER: We thought it was a good plan to hit up a Nordic country this week on our blog…what with our current climate, it was our tongue-in-cheek way of making light of the deep freeze. We already stopped off in Norway (Week #34), Denmark (week #29) and Iceland (week #8)– so Nordic cuisine is something we are now well versed in. We don’t, however, have any whale meat still. This is Colorado after all. Along with whale, they eat a whole lotta porpoise up there. Having no availability to that meat either, it became a question of seafood or poultry.

We settled on a salad dish. 1) because we have yet to pull a salad recipe for our trip around the world and 2) because after a winter of cold, there’s only so much soup you can eat. In an attempt to change it up a bit, it was nice to have some fresh greens. The salad we picked was a traditional Kalaallit (Greenlandic Inuit peoples) dish and was basically prawn risotto on a bed of rocket greens (that’s arugula, btws, guys. Had to use the old Google tool on that one). Greenland cuisine pulls from Canadian and Nordic regions, but we noticed that some mainland European tendencies crept into much of this– I’m unsure if the Vikings would have liked this, but we certainly did. I found it deliciously unexpected to see fennel in my risotto salad on a trip to Greenland. The name of the recipe is actually: Kutter-Rejer på speltrisotto med grillede grøntsager… but i assume you all don’t speak fluent Greenlandic Inuit…

Kalaallit Risotto Prawn Salad Recipe: http://royalgreenland.dk/Default.aspx?ID=897&ProductID=PROD458
























Ease of prep and cooking: TWO STARS out of five this Dinner!
This one was a little deceptive. I mean– you think, “Salad. This is pretty basic. What a piece of cake!” and then… it’s totally in some random Inuit dialect and when you finally do translate it to English (God, bless you, Google Translate…) it’s like you’re speaking to Tarzan and the directions are basically useless. This was the worst translation issue we have run into. But we were determined, none the less. Tarzan instructions in hand, we set out to try and make this salad. Apart from the translation and metric conversion issues, the ingredient list was tangible. There was a problem finding smelt, but we improvised with kippers!

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for Dinner!
Well, this one was lovely. I for one really enjoy a good salad. It was not a home run per se, but it was solid and surprisingly hearty. Maybe not all that surprising, actually, after all these are sturdy, outdoorsy people we are talking about. They have to eat sustainably! I loved the idea that we had fennel in with prawns. That’s totally out of left field in the best way. We in Brovskyland are huge fans of fennel. It’s an herb we feel is completely underutilized, but also not typically seen with seafood, but it paired nicely with the onions. The dressing was… interesting. It was like it wanted to be crème fraîche when it grew up, but definitely missed the mark. All around, everything played well together and it was really delicious.

Week #43, Mom and Dad are flying solo to the Gulf of Mexico while I’m out on the East Coast! Prepare to have a little rum and some lovely food in Cuba! This is one that I’m sad to miss, but can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Stay warm and avoid icicles!
– L & K

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