#36: Bolivia

Buenas Tardes!

Hope you’re finding your New Years resolutions easier to stick to than in years past. I hope you never miss an opportunity to not act your age, jump on absolutely every trampoline you encounter and put those extra marshmallows in your hot coco in 2015. Life’s exciting when you allow yourself to enjoy it. We are enjoying taking a trip to South America this weekend– we feel like flying south for this wintery week is a good call…as long as we can make it back for the Bronco’s playoff game that is 😉

THE DINNER: Something cool I learned in researching Bolivian culture this week was that people use BOTH their maternal and paternal surnames! Which, as a woman, I think is really cool and whether they know it or not, super progressive. I dig that. Cuisine in the region, is not surprisingly Spanish in it’s derivation with local Aymara ingredients from their indigenous roots. They also, later in their country’s history, started to be influenced by German, Italian and Argentinian foods and cultures.

After last week’s dud, we were a little gun shy picking a recipe for this week. We settled on Silpancho which is a traditional meal from the city of Cochabamba. It’s pretty much the Bolivian take on a casserole or even a meat loaf. It’s traditionally topped with fried eggs… which was music to my ears! I mean, who are we kidding, yolks make everything infinity better. It can also be topped with pico for a veggie take or for those poor unfortunate souls that don’t care for eggs. Another variation is to serve it in a sandwich which changes the name is the dish to Trancapecho and makes it more of a moveable feast.

Silpancho Recipe: http://www.food.com/recipe/silpancho-traditional-bolivian-meal-306949?oc=linkback





















Ease of prep and cooking: One and a HALF STARS out of five this Dinner!
This week was very simple. Thankfully. We had a whole lot going on n Brovskyland so it was almost a no-country-weekend, actually. But this was so easy-peezy, we couldn’t resist. It was really simple. If anything it’s a juggling act to make sure everything is timed properly so that it’s all hot together and all done together. Beyond that, it was really a classic meat and potatoes sort of meal with the Latin flair of  pico.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR and a HALF STARS out of five for Dinner.
If last week was “heartbreaking” this week was “phenomenal”! We were so pleased to discover that there was nothing holding us back from a four and a hlaf start review…we had to reel ourselves in a bit actually, as we wanted to get star happy after such a let down in week #35. It was just like a Bolivian take on chicken fried steak… with the glorious addition of a creamy, rich egg yolk and some red onions/pico de gallo. It was delightful. It merried well together. It maybe could have been more spicy, even for my taste, but it was solid. We are glad to have this one again. Hopefully soon. Did I mention the egg yolk, guys… let me beat a dead horse there, anyway– it was utterly magical.

We have successfully deemed ourselves the comeback kids. We will keep this momentum spiraling into our week #37 visit to Bahrain! So pack your sunscreen for the middle east, it’s going to be an adventure as always!

Have a great week!
– L & K

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