#27: Angola

Great Scott! Double header weekend continued!

Our second country for our double header weekend was Angola! This was interesting because it also was recently under Portuguese rule up until November 11, 1975. So Happy Independence day weekend, guys!! It’s been a really tough year for Angolan people, as they are right in the midst of the worst Ebola outbreak in a hundred years. We are all hoping for good health their way. I really believe that medical research is on a great track to finding a cure for this disease soon.

THE DINNER: Angolan cuisine traditionally uses a lot of rice/bean bakes with meat- particularly chicken or fish. We made Arroz da Ilh (the chicken version) called more basically “Angolan Feijoada” which is beans stewed with chicken tomatoes and chili’s. Many of the Angolan rice bakes are called “caldeirada de peixe” which means “whatever you have on hand”. These are traditional Sunday meals as they use up leftovers from the remainder of the week to prepare for the new week. It’s often a little more time consuming than you’d find in a typical weekday meal, but it’s worth the effort! TRUST ME: Chorizo, ladies and gentleman. Chorizo makes everything delicious. I told you, those Portuguese really know how to make food.

Angolan Feijoada Recipe: http://www.dalekh.com/recipes.php?RId=165&CId=|17|5|


















Ease of prep and cooking: FOUR STARS out of five for this Dinner.
Yeah, this one had everything but the kitchen sink. It was involved and included habanero peppers- which involved gloves. So this one is not for the casual weekday meal. This one requires some care and love. It delivers in spades though! Whoa! We were shocked at how many ingredients this one had. It is chalked full of veggies and meat and everything delicious. The ingredients are not exotic, however, and we found everything in the local super market.

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE and out of five for the Dinner.
This is all stars and it deserves it. WOW. It was incredible. From the cabbage and the veggies, to the chicken AND chorizo: this one was spectacularly played. We decided that it was the Angolan version of Gumbo or chili. It was hearty and savory and filling but it was flavorful and comforting. It wasn’t super spicy, but there was definitely some heat there. The chorizo added depth of flavor, but the unsung her hero here was the beans and cabbage. Those two ingredients married everything together and bonded the stew nicely. There wasn’t any thickening agent needed, the beans took care of that. The cabbage and carrots added a sweetness to the meal that played on the habaneros and chorizo. It was wonderful. What an awesome, warm, inviting way to get to explore Angola. This one is one we are excited to use again already!

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego!? I’m not at all sure, but I know we will be visiting our great neighbors to the north this next weekend on our culinary trip around the world. Canada, can’t wait to see what you have in store for our tummies!

Always Bring your Appetite for Adventure!
– L & K

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