#21: England

God Save the Queen! (And all that implies…)

Hope this week found you enjoying the change of seasons. It was a snappy one here on Saturday and Sunday morning. The leaves are changing and the Hot Chocolate Race brought some seasonal fun to Denver this weekend too. Speaking of things that came to the Mile High City, the British are coming, friends! I repeat the British are coming!

THE DINNER: Now, hold your horses. I’m not about to start apologizing for the Bostonians and their tea party, just yet; but I do have to confess, the Brovsky’s sometimes really wish they were Brits. Here’s the deal, compatriots, it’s cool to be from the GB these days. I mean, awesome beer, fairy-tale royal weddings with royal babies, incredible soccer players, brilliant music and stunning movie stars… though not necessarily a “world power” they are a media power these days.

We could have gone the traditional route on this country. FISH AND CHIPS, SHEPARD’S PIE, BANGERS AND MASH… how overplayed. We are adventure seekers and as such as sought out the best Oxtail Stew recipe we could find. With the fall at our feet, the idea of a nice warm bowl of stew was inviting. Admittedly, we had a little trouble finding the oxtail. That seems to be just about as exotic as goat meat around these parts. Ironically enough, we ended up at the P.O.M. (Pacific Oriental Market, for those not paying attention) even though this wasn’t an Asian dish. Allow me to explain: since we don’t have any English markets here this was the place that had ox tail. Off the path of our country theme, but this let us get our oxtail from a very endearing gentleman butcher who worked at the P.O.M. and we got to literally see him cut the entire tail with a band saw. What a spectacle! Dinner and a show this week, I suppose.

Oxtail Stew Recipe: http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/beef-recipes/insanely-good-oxtail-stew















Ease of prep and cooking: THREE STARS out of five for this Dinner.
First off, the recipe comes from one of the most adorable Brits out there. No, not David Beckham. Focus, please. I was referring to Jamie Oliver. He even converted most of these ingredients and temps to American for those of use still using Standard measuring here in the colonies. He deems it “Very EASY” on this difficulty scale, and we called shenanigans on that. It was moderate to moderately moderate in difficulty.  The meat was hard to remove from the bones even though it was “falling off”, just due to connective tissue and sinew. Nature of the tail meat, amiright? The rest wasn’t too bad, if I’m being honest. The ingredients (apart from the meat, as i mentioned) were super easy to come by. And let’s talk about GIANT leaks… those babies will most likely be attacking Gotham City next week.

 Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for the Dinner (…but five for smell alone)
This made the whole house drool for hours and hours. It smelled like heaven and based solely on smell alone, we all gave it a large five out of five stars. The port wine and the meat were just ridiculously tempting. We didn’t serve it over “mash” as the Brits refer to it, but served it by itself because we wanted to enjoy it solo. Upon reflection, it might have helped with the grease content a bit to add some starch/”mash”. The reason we gave it lost a star from the five upon taste was that it turned out to be very rich/greasy and though indisputably wonderful in taste, some of the texture for the meat was grisly. I mean, come on, you literally are instructed to pour to grease drippings into the stew! Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea, but the execution made it really heavy. Jamie called this “Insanely Good Oxtail Stew” and we would have called it “Pretty Grand Oxtail Stew”. That being said, hats off to the strange meat choice of the week. Turned out to be pretty yummy. The texture, if you’re curious and too chicken to cook this one yourself, is a lot like short ribs. But don’t take my word for it…

While drinking my tea English style, and writing this week’s adventure up, I should like to announce the country we will venture to next week is Turkey! So pack your appetites for Istanbul, ladies and sheikhs!

Pleasant eating!
Our Love,

– L & K

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