#21: Chile

Well, it’s been crazy around here.

That’s an understatement, considering the blog from Sunday night is getting put up on a Thursday… ah, cest la vie, though. And speaking of life, our culinary lives were greatly improved by the cuisine of Chile this weekend. It was Race for the Cure and we were in need of some yummy protein after our race!

THE DINNER: Protein was the name of the game this weekend. We had Race for the Cure, and worked up an appetite. When selecting this week’s meal, we were relieved to see that the Chilean’s are all about the comfort food. In fact, I don’t think one recipe I pulled mentioned anything outside of “comfort food traditionally seen in Chile…”. And that was delightful. What did we select? Steak Sandwiches! Ahhh, steak. That’s one Brovsky favorite.

The sandwiches are called “Chacarero Chileno” or “Chilean steak and avocado sandwiches”. They were delightful. The meal really was simple, the ingredients, like most of Chilean cooking were fresh and to the point. There were many variations we brainstormed to add to the already amazing sandwiches. We talked of red onion most of all. There was a lot going on with these little devils– jalapeno, lime-alvocado spread, melty cheese — and then there was the strangeness of the green beans. YES. You read me right, green beans. And they, though strange, were remarkably clever in their placement. They were like lettuce on a regular burger, but the steamed beans were snappier and more substantial and a wonderful surprise after all. Those were brilliant in fact.

Basically, for this one, we made sure to get an excellent cut of cow. We live in the heart of beef country so this top sirloin was not hard to come by. We typically have these in the fridge anyway, making this one an accessible meal around here. It didn’t feel so far away to have Chile in our home this week.

Chacarero Chileno Recipe: http://www.quericavida.com/en/recipes/chacarero-chileno-2/



Ease of prep and cooking: ONE STAR out of five for this Dinner.
This one was not tricky, but there did seem to be a few more components to the assembly than we are used to. The meat is probably going to be the trickiest for you at this point– some people find medium to medium rare a really hard thing to accomplish. Just be patient with yourself. The rest is cake. We didn’t break a sweat on this one. Naturally, many of these ingredients are probably already on hand for you at most times, so there’s nothing to say we couldn’t have Chilean food all the time if we wanted!

 Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for the Dinner.
Maybe not a shocker, but South Americans know how to eat. They are truly people of leisure when it comes down to the relaxing in their lives, and their comfort food was spectacular. Mildly speaking, I loved the hot sauce. I could bathe in the stuff, for others, this meal can easily be tailored for the less spice inclined, like my dad or for kiddos. It was delicious and satisfied the need for comforting cuisine. There’s not enough hours in the universe to consume top sirloin enough for the Brovsky’s. Though we consume steak sandwiches on a fairly regular basis, getting to see this one family meal in a different country’s light was really a treat. This one is one for the books that we will gladly try again.

We head to England for some food native to our motherland on Sunday!!! We welcome back football and other American things next weekend also, but we can’t wait to see what the Queen eats! She’s fabulous and maybe we can get William & Kate to pop in for a spot of crumpet and tea?! Fingers crossed…

Cherrio, good chaps!
– L & K

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