#20: Chad

What a week!?

It was a crazy week here, hope you guys were able to catch up on things to do like we did! The week was spent painting, painting, painting. The house is looking awesome, and a whole lot less dusty. Twenty-foot scaffolding aside, it was a nice week here weather wise and the Broncos made a nail-biting last-minute attempt to pull out a win this Sunday too. All around, it was almost not a good weekend to cook a country meal, but we were able to squeeze it in— thank goodness for Chadian cuisine.

The Chadian people have no time for nonsense. Thank goodness. We didn’t either this week. Chad cuisine is no fuss, low prep and low stress. JUST the way we like things typically in Brovskyland. Don’t get us wrong, this adventure is partly to enjoy a little more time cooking, for the most part, but this week, we fortunately picked a country that “ain’t got no time for that.” Chadian people cook mostly with fish (tilapia particularly) and goat. Stews and things that cook for extended times are popular and they utilize dutch ovens most of the time. There are some strange practices (strange to Westerners anyway) that include men and women eating separately except for special meals as well as everyone eating on the floor… which we sort of observed for this one too since the house is under construction as it were.

We didn’t have a hard time picking meals this week. Basically like I said, it was stew or fish. We had some fish already and decided that it sounded amazing since we are still holding on to the last strings of summer here. We narrowed it down to a few dishes and settled on Chadian Fried Fish. It was amazingly simple. Ingredients were readily available and there was little to no prep work. Chadians serve meals with rice or millet and sorghum grains, so we followed suit with basmanti rice.

Chadian Fried Fish Recipe: http://www.celtnet.org.uk/recipes/miscellaneous/fetch-recipe.php?rid=misc-chadian-fried-fish 

 IMG_2600 IMG_2630IMG_2601IMG_2610IMG_2612IMG_2615IMG_2616IMG_2618IMG_2617IMG_2624IMG_2627IMG_2629


Ease of prep and cooking: HALF STAR out of five for this Dinner.
Yes, I gave it half a star. That’s correct. HALF. There was absolutely nothing to this meal, prep wise. The Chadian people lived up to their simple cuisine boasting and it was simple, simple, simple. No fuss. Hardly any mess. Ingredients were less than six items. Fry the fish. Serve. BAM. It was not only simple, the recipe was outrageously real- it offers the ingredients and lets you pretty much determine quantity. This might scare a few chefs, who love the pound for pound ingredient breakdown to the tiniest ounce, but it was a dash here and a sprinkle there on this one. A lot like our grandmothers all used to do it. So that made it charming if nothing else. A nice break from the normal.

 Best dish of all time scale: THREE and a HALF STARS out of five for the Dinner.
  It was really clean and fresh. The fish was simple, the breading was crisp. It wasn’t any fireworks or award shows, it was good, simple cooking. I don’t think i can stress that enough. It was nothing spectacular, but it was delicious. It was hearty. It was yummy. The tomatoes were strange at first- I mean, half a tomato? Not diced? Not crushed? Halved? really… but it worked! And it drove home the theme, that Chadian people like to enjoy life outside the kitchen, and not spend time inside the kitchen where it isn’t needed. You don’t need 1000 hours to make a scrupulous meal; clearly, this week was a testament to that.

We are headed to South America for our culinary vacation next week! Welcome the food of Chile to our bellies! I have to say, I’m looking forward to this one, a whole bunch. Nothing beats looking forward to the weekend.

Seee you after Race For The Cure Denver on Sunday!
– L & K

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