#18: Japan


I hope you guys enjoyed the first week of NFL like we did in Denver! Brovskys are big football fans (both the American and the European variety turns out!). We are happy to announce that fall weather seems to be creeping its way into the Mile High City, and it’s being welcomed with open arms. We took some time to make Japanese food.

THE DINNER: Japan was a lot like China, in that we didn’t have to think very hard about what a good native meal would entail. SUSHI. SUSHI. SUSHI. We all love sushi in brovskyland! And it’s sort of ironic, because we are Colorado natives… sushi is not something native to our land. That being said, we love it. We decided to go with handrolls because after some research on the subject of sushi making, they seemed like the best self-taught option. Also, since we were making it in bulk for three hungry people it seemed like the most appropriate option. The focus was put on spicy tuna because that is also a Brovsky favorite. We were feeling good as we headed to the P.O.M. again for a little nuri, sticky rice, and sushi-grade tuna (GORGEOUS color by the way. WOW.).


by the way, we didn’t use any ox tail, duck tongue, or pigs feet in our recipes this week… 😉 don’t panic on us yet!

The recipe was very simple. I mean, sushi, is very simplistic in nature. Rice, Fish, Veggies, Seaweed. That’s pretty much it. The rice was a little tricky because we don’t use a rice cooker. We are old school and like to cook rice on the stove top, but I can tell you the rice turned out absolutely perfect. I found a very helpful link on how to make sushi rice (sticky rice) for stove tops. And FYI, it’s actually a lot quicker than in a rice cooker, which might not be intuitively thought. We didn’t have a hard time with anything, except what you might anticipate: the assembly. There was no shortage on team work for the first two rolls and then I employed myself as my mom’s sushi cheerleading squad! She was a one-woman-sushi-machine after that.

As for the promised surprise? That came in the form of traditional grain alcohol, Sake! (Which no one really enjoyed short of my dad, but it was traditional and very strong… proceed with caution. I’ll stick to the tequila, thank you.)

Spicy Tuna Handroll Recipe: http://bevcooks.com/2013/01/spicy-tuna-hand-rolls/
Sticky Rice on the Stove Top Recipe:




Ease of prep and cooking: THREE STARS out of five for this Dinner.
The idea of sushi, as previously discussed, is simple. Simple ingredients all rolled into simple packages. No fish to cook, only rice. Veggies to slice. Sauce to mix. But the execution on the wrapping is tricky. Not incredibly so, but still tricky. So that’s why this country earned three stars. People take classes to learn how to roll perfect sushi. People are called “sushi masters” for a reason. Handrolls did live up to their anticipated ease on this scale though and were probably significantly less complex than other sushi and sashimi.

 Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for the Dinner.
  Japanese food is known for its clean and healthy nature. Even their fried food is pretty healthy (tempura!) and these handrolls certainly lived up to the health factor. The radishes and cucumbers were so crisp and the wasabi will surely clean out your sinuses! The tuna was amazing. So pretty and delicious. The spicy mayo dressing on that was not too spicy for those nervous about heat (just add more wasabi if you’re daring and so inclined!). All in all it was really yummy. The reason it was four stars was for the nuri– which upon soaking up the very minimal rice liquid/steam became sort of rubbery and tough… that might have been a user-error or perhaps that’s just what it is. Either way, we weren’t huge fans of that development. The sake was dry (which was expected since it said “medium” dry right on the bottle) and, as previously stated, our feelings on that were a one out of five stars.

Next week we are excited to announce a DESSERT addition to our country of Finland! Turns out, our Nordic friends are happy to supply our sweet tooth as well as our bellies with cuisine. We are very excited for another trip to the north!
(Scary Cooking Flash back to Week #8 in Iceland: abbleskivers are not on the menu this time, sorry guys…)

Stay hungry for life but never hangry!
– L & K

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