#15: Saudi Arabia

Can you believe it’s been 15 weeks since we started?!

We can’t either! It’s been exciting and at times challenging to fit this weekly adventure into our already packed lives, but we are so grateful for the amazing new worlds we get to explore every week. This week and month and summer has been filled with incredible celebrations. Between all the weddings and parties we managed to take a journey to the middle east in cuisine this weekend!

NEW THIS WEEK: You can follow our recipes each week on pinterest (isn’t that exciting)! http://www.pinterest.com/llbrovsky/around-the-world-in-195-sundays/

THE DINNER: When we realized we hadn’t covered a middle eastern country yet with our quest, we immediately set out to remedy this. Saudi Arabia had it’s pick of really interesting meals. We decided on an ancient traditional meat pie that is now served as common street food in the country. Matubaq is a meat pie made with any meat available. It’s traditionally lamb or beef and is put into a dough that is pulled thin to almost see-through and then fried in hot oil till golden brown… it’s basically a Saudi version of the Hot Pocket but infinitely more tasty and just as portable. The filling we went with was beef and it’s sauteed with leeks, onions and combined with an egg mixture. Heavenly.

The second thing we made was Saudi Champagne. Now, I know what you’re thinking- Yes. Champagne is from France. No we haven’t covered France yet. Let me elaborate. When looking for recipes this week, this drink constantly surfaced. It’s unbelievably simplistic and my dad couldn’t drink enough of it. It’s refreshing. there’s no actual champagne or alcohol though we were commenting that it would pair nicely with rum or champagne for a spiked version. I can see why it’s the go-to beverage on hot days in Riyadh (speaking of the heat… here’s a comparison. YIKES!)  . 01e48c4dc30e916f4f78c7d632d9b7dffbd70ba705

Matubaq Recipe: http://www.shebayemenifood.com/content/martabak-mutabak-%D9%85%D8%B7%D8%A8%D9%82-0
Saudi Champagne Recipe: http://www.yasalamcooking.com/saudi-champagne/#.U9d062PP_Dg



Ease of prep and cooking: THREE STARS out of five for the Dinner.
The recipes were simple but the execution on this one was tricky with the dough, as it has seemed to be with dumplings, empanadas and such from other countries- the dough made for some patient maneuvering. There is a video on the recipe site, but this, like those other listed foods is a true art. The stretching of the dough is amazing. That being said, the ingredients were easily found and there wasn’t much to either the drink or the matubaq!

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE BIG, BIG STARS out of five for the Dinner.
This one was incredible. The matubaq are amazing! The egg mixture sort of turns into this creamy almost cheese like queso thing in the crusty, crunchy pocket of dough. The leeks were unexpected and completely brilliant. I believe this to be a sincerely underutilized vegetable and would like to start a campaign to remedy that. My platform for that campaign would easily be this meal.  It’s insanely delicious. And as previously mentioned, the Saudi chamgane is refreshing and you can’t help but drink all of it. We ran out of both things cooked this week, ladies and gentleman… no leftovers in sight! (But hopefully more matubaq and S.Champagne are in sight soon!). Make this one now, guys. It’s so simple.

Next week we will travel to the Democratic Republic of the Congo for some Congolese cuisine! I think it’s safe to say that none of the Brovsky’s have had anything close to that- so it will definitely be new and uncharted territory. Our favorite!

Bon Appetite, Friends!
– L & K

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