#13: Brazil

Greetings from South America!

This week found the Brovsky’s working like dogs and playing like puppies! It may be the Dog Days but the summer seems to be in full swing in colorful Colorado. We decided to cover Brazil for our country this weekend. We hadn’t hit a South American nation for a few go-arounds, and figured it was high time to pay some tribute.

THE DINNER: We kicked this weekend’s country off with  Buraco Quente which translates from Portuguese to “Hot Hole”. The best way to describe this one, is the Brazilian equivalent of the Philly Cheesesteak. It’s sort of street food and a fan favorite just like it’s American counterpart. Like the sandwich from the City of Brotherly Love, the Buraco Quente is beef sauteed in onions (plus other awesome things) and packaged in a hollowed out roll. It’s amazing what the meat drippings and goodness do to the roll by the way.  Unlike it’s counterpart however, the Brazilians use Filet Mignon…   I took a picture of the meat while my mom was cutting it just to make sure it got some lime light (And the angels did sing, my friends!). Stay Classy like that, Sao Paulo!

The side dish we tried for Brazil was Feijao Tropeiro or “Troopers Beans”. These were a whole lot of work—and to be honest- all of us already cannot wait to make them again. They have sausage and bacon and kidney beans and garlic and bell pepper…and it all stews together for a few hours until it basically marries together into bliss. We could have eaten just this easily. And for the work, it made a ton.

COUNTRY BONUS TIMES TWO! We also had to do dessert this week when we found out that the Brazilians have a national dessert called Brigadeiro. These are pretty much like the Brazilian version of a french truffle plus they are incredibly easy! We also picked a wine (from Argentina a neighboring producer of some of the greatest wines around) to accompany our cuisine this week.

Kodiak pitched in as Sous Chef this week too (maybe it was due to all the meat? I like to think she’s just incredibly helpful like that).01053520fdfb7412e354bec71008df86a769949e28

Buraco Quente (Hot Hole) Recipe: http://gastrolandia.uol.com.br/receitas/buraco-quente/
Feijao Tropeiro (Troopers Beans) Recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-lagasse/troopers-beans-feijao-tropeiro-recipe.html
Brigadeiro Recipe: http://whatsgabycooking.com/brigadeiro/?utm_source=What%27s+Gaby+Cooking+Subscribers&utm_campaign=5f2552f1d8-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_73605f05d9-5f2552f1d8-22972321&ct=t%28RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN%29#.U-GJ3GPbGup






THE DESSERT and WINE: 01d5d6dcfec2e6f721707ef79af8830cf51b3c07c101f92b3f8abb1b8bf3d41655be93eaf690f3e2f11f01f68f32ef1d274d09e8d4031fce8190e8a9358a40018de8fb9f31ca49f8a2da9c32587b1c4f4779adad




Ease of prep and cooking: THREE STARS out of five for the Dinner. ONE out of five for Dessert.
The first word of caution I am obliged to give you, is that the Hot Hole Sandwich recipe required Google Translate and a whole host of metric conversions. We have gotten a little lucky and spoiled the last few weeks and haven’t had to really rely on this much, but yes, the entire thing is in Portuguese– so unless you’re fluent, be patient. Allow extra time for this. The Troopers Beans is actually a recipe from Emeril Lagasse (who is Portuguese for those that didn’t know) and like i mentioned above require a commitment; but happily was easy in prep and the recipe was in English. The Truffles were easy, easy, easy! Only a handful of ingredients and basically assemble themselves.  This would be a really fun time for kids to get involved. Just be sure the mix has adequately cooled to not burn little fingers.

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for the Dinner. FOUR out of five for Dessert.
AMAZING beans. The Feijao Tropeiro were just incredible. I meantioned we could eat them for the main course and be completely happy. The sausage was falling apart like pate and the stewing made all the flavors come together.  The Buraco Quente sandwiches melted in your mouth.  The Brigadeiro were smooth and would be the nice end to any sweet tooth’s meal.

For our next country, we have picked China!
It’ll be exciting to see what true Chinese cuisine looks like as i feel like much of what we have come to call “Chinese Food” has become incredibly Americanized. It should be an adventure– which is our favorite type of undertaking! Hopefully like the Great Wall, it’ll be a masterful thing of beauty!

Happy Eating!
– L & K

One thought on “#13: Brazil

  1. Yeah, Brazil doesn’t do wine. You should have picked up a bottle of cachaca, Brazilian sugar cane rum. It’s usually not too expensive here (maybe $15/bottle) and is super cheap down there (like $3/bottle). It’s used to make caipirinhas, a drink muddled with ice, lime and sugar, and possibly the best thing ever to sit on a beach and sip!


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