#10: Vietnam

Hope your weekend was as sunny as ours!

It was another gorgeous Colorado weekend in our corner of the world! We got plenty accomplished around the house as the Brovsky patriarchs always seem to have a never ending list of weekend warrior chores to check off! After a successfully productive Saturday, we were able to kick back Sunday for a few hours to catch the Germany/Argentina match de’jour before we made Vietnamese food!

THE DINNER: We decided that this week, we would venture to an Asian market to grocery shop for this week’s meal. Nothing on the menu really called specifically for this outing, but we were excited to mix it up and since the market happened to be by our favorite Pho restaurant, we couldn’t help but pay homage to Vietnam in this way. 0198aad312c37e4a866b22a1045409b59daaa8bdf4

We thought about the many options that Vietnamese cuisine presented us with. What sounded good? Answer: EVERY. LAST. THING. This was probably the hardest country to decided on a game plan for just because nothing sounded un-do-able or unappetizing. So- what would it be? Caramelized Pork Bánh Mì? Tom Rang Thit Ba Chi? Bun Tom Heo Nuong? Traditional Pho?

We decided that Vietnamese Vermicelli Bowls were the way to go! What an awesome fieldtrip to the P.O.M market, by the way. We are talking amazing prices, fresh fish and produce, any array of Asian goods you want.We had 10 types, brands and sizes of fish sauce… it was overwhelming in the best way.  We picked chicken for our meat– though you have the option of vegetarian or tofu. I can’t have tofu, so that one was a no brainer.  We even found some Asian cookies for dessert! BONUS!

Vietnamese Vermicelli Bowls with Chicken: http://www.feastingathome.com/2014/02/vietnamese-vermicelli-bowl.html#more




Ease of prep and cooking: ONE STARS out of five for the Dinner.
Vietnam had simple instructions and ordinary ingredients. One of the strange things turned out to be lemongrass and Vietnamese peppers. The trip to P.O.M made those “tricky” ingredients no sweat at all. The prep was simple. Noodles were quick but a little tricky which is what earned this recipe a two— fresh noodles are hard to time and easy to over cook if you’re not careful! We took a note from our other Asian adventure- Korea in week #4 on how to best grill our protein choice. This worked out well, though the recipe says you can pan fry them too if you don’t have grill access.

Best dish of all time scale: 3.5 STARS out of five for the Dinner.
This dinner’s highlight was the chicken!! HOLY WOW. That marinade– which mom compared to more of a paste/grill coating was absolutely specatcular! It was soo yummy. seriously. try it. The sauce with the peppers was spicy but not overpowering (nothing compared to Korea on the spice scale. So for you faint of heart or high in acid reflux bunch- don’t panic!) The meal was really clean and fresh which is what you expect from Vietnamese food; as well as healthy. Fresh Veggies all around! Also the fresh Vietnamese basil was super fragrant. The cookies were 5 out of 5 even though we didn’t bake them. They were sort of like pie crust with this almond icing glaze on them. Pretty darn addicting.

We have picked Mozambique as our next country! We are looking forward to an Africa nation to throw things into a different league! I have to say, doing recipe research for this nation has already taught me a few things I never knew about Mozambique! Can’t wait to give you cats the scoop next week!

Till then- stay hungry and happy!
– L & K

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