#9: The United States

Happy Independence Day Weekend!

My fellow Americans can join in with me when asked what we eat on this holiday: BBQ!! And yes, we definitely grilled ribs, had burgers and ate brats this week in honor of that annual tradition. For our country this week, since it is our native land, we didn’t want to fall into the trap of doing something for our meal that we always make. Since this is an adventure in cuisine, we took a  trip to the east coast for this one. When Americans in the north east celebrate summer, they have seafood. We decided to do it up, Martha’s Vineyard style!


THE DINNER: The main course this weekend was Lobster Rolls served with Spicy-Lime Grilled Corn on the Cob. This week we picked our recipes from our issue of July/August Food Network Magazine. They gave us the idea to travel to the north east for our meal. This issue payed homage to the different parts of the country and how they celebrate our Independence Day. Southern BBQ. Mid Western Grilling. West Coast Burgers. It had it all laid out for us. Lobster Rolls and Corn were something we had never done on the 4th so we were happy to switch it up! Also, since this is a native holiday, we made dessert part of the festivities again! (HOORAY Sweets!!). In the theme of the day, we picked apple and cherry pie…as we are a house divided on which is tastiest and the most “American”. So instead of making a ton of pies to this effect, I thought this would be a great time to trial some “mini pies” I have been wanting to make! (HOORAY guinea pigs!!).

For the corn, we went with Colorado sweet corn. It’s fabulous and I feel bad for those who haven’t gotten to try it. We went with langostinos in lou of lobster for a few reasons:

  • First off, more meat for your poundage. When you purchase lobster, it typically comes in the tail. This gets weighed and you pay for it like it were the delicious meat…we all know it’s not. Also, if you buy lobster without the tail, then it’s frozen and that’s a whole other issue you have, my friend. I won’t even go there.
  • Secondly, the langostino is already small and bite sized, saving us massive amounts of boiling, tail removal and cutting. For those of you not aware, langostinos are basically lobsters but the size of prawns. They have the same texture and taste as that of lobster

Lobster Roll Recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/lobster-rolls-recipe0.html
Spicy-Lime Grilled Corn Recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/grilled-corn-on-the-cob-with-chili-lime-butter-and-cotija-cheese-recipe.html
Mini Apple Pie Recipe:
Mini Cherry Pie Recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/anne-thornton/mini-cherry-pies-recipe.html



Ease of prep and cooking: ONE STARS out of five for the Dinner. TWO out of five for dessert.
No strange ingredients this week! Everything was easy to find and recipes were not hard to research. We had no learning curve this time. The lobster rolls were pretty darn easy. They go together in little parts though, so some assembly is required for this one. But as aforementioned, the langotsinos made this one a snap! The corn was a little tricky because it was in packets on the grill, so it was hard to time. Generally the meal was cake… the pies were not cake. They were obviously pies, but also they were for the more advanced baker. The mini pie recipe was further minimized by myself since I made two kinds. I split the recipes so that was “advanced” and then there is always a little skill required with pie crust and construction of the fruit pie tops. Further skill required for the “mini” part. And as it goes with pies of the fruit variety, timing on this one is key. (that or you will have to clean your oven… your choice really.)

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for the Dinner. TWO out of five for the dessert!
We can easily begin by saying a few things about the ingredients to explain the score here: “Butter”, “Lobster”, “Bacon”, “Mayonnaise”… etc. I mean these ingredients would be good on a shoe, but throw them together on toasted rolls and it’s magic. Any way you slice it, lobster and bacon will probably get you in the three to four star range in the Brovsky house.
It was solid and good and hearty…and just a little bit decadent and bacon topped– Just what you think about when you think about The United States. Mission accomplished. Dessert was classic and clean. It was All-American, but not necessarily an All-Star. They were yummy and sweet, but nothing to write home about.

Next week we have decided to travel to one of our favorite Asian countries, Vietnam! Who know what wonderful things await our bellies?!

Sleep well, compatriots!
– L & K

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