#7: Switzerland

What’s shakin’ bacon?!

This week was fun for so many reason. World Cup soccer, starting a new job that has day hours, birthdays, longest day of the year…etc. I should mention that “etc” there stands for my parents celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary! The week ebbed and flowed like a well oiled machine for the first time in a while.

After painting chairs, watching some soccer, visiting Bass Pro Shop, playing soccer and having a blast in the pretty Colorado sunshine– we were hoping that Switzerland would be kind to us on our streak! It was indeed that. Swiss food is definitely influenced by German food– since that is their vernacular anyway, this makes perfect sense. When Americans think about the Swiss;, visions of Swiss chocolate, bank accounts, army knives and fondu come to mind immediately. We didn’t feel like fondu was going to be a challenge, so we went in search of other means this week. We came across a recipe for some traditional Zurich Veal and Rosti.

Rosti are basically the Swiss equivalent of the potato latke. Coarsely shredded potato pancakes fried in oil and though they ever so subtly pay homage to hash browns, they pair so nicely with the sauce from the veal. (Note: you can also use pork for this recipe). We chose to use veal to be as authentic as possible, since this is our general mission: eat like we are natives. The Zurich Veal had a wonderful Marsala-like sauce with mushrooms, onions and sage…not to mention cream based, which as we all know, all the best sauces are cream based.

Rosti recipe:  http://www.finecooking.com/recipes/crisp-rosti-potatoes.aspx
Zurich Veal Recipe: http://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/zurich-style-diced-veal-zurcher-geschnetzeltes

It was a very simple meal considering it took no time to cook and required zero prep. It was a quick meal to, which inevitably makes it perfect for recreation during the week or after this project is over.  Decadent cream sauce and crispy pancakes were honestly something everyone would like.

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Ease of prep and cooking: ONE STARS out of five. Switzerland seemed to be the easiest of the countries we have tackled this far. We used a mandolin to slice everything and the rosti literally had three ingredients. All the instruction and measurement in the recipe itself had already been converted to standard measurement by some angel, so we didn’t have to waste time and brain cells on Google conversions for this meal. That was a relief (please see Guatemala from week five for why that really made a huge impact). Be sure to take care with the potatoes for two reasons. 1) HOT oil, my friends and 2)take time to remove the water when you get to that step or it may take forever to fry.

No strange ingredients on this one. The veal was a little hard to find, as it’s not a popular food item for the carnivores that reside in the big CO; though it might be easier in a less pro-activist part of the US.

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five. What a delight it is to have two perfect scores in a row! Switzerland had a hard go of filling Australia’s large shoes from last week, but it lives up to the challenge! Seriously decedent. Wonderfully paired. Definitely a meal we will recreate as time passes.

We arbitrarily picked next week’s country– and we are proud to announce that we will be eating the cuisine of Iceland! Doesn’t that seem totally adventurous?? I think we have a lot to look forward to on this front. Due to popular demand, the results of the poll that appeared after last week’s post, we will be making a meal plus a dessert from Iceland… and as a walking, talking sweet tooth, that is some kind of wonderful.


Here’s to cheering on the US men’s team for another week!
Happy eating!
– L & K


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