#5: Guatemala

Hey Food Lovers!

Hope that the sunshine has been finding you these days! It’s been soo lovely outside and with that has come vacations and lots of soccer in the Brovsky house. Mom and Dad went up to the Tetons to fly fish for the weekend and I stayed in town to play an incredibly irrational amount of futbol. So we had a weekend away from the kitchen last week.


SO BAD NEWS: We didn’t get to talk to you guys for a week
THE GOOD NEWS: This weekend we doubled up to make up for it! YAY!

THE DINNER: We decided upon Guatemala per the pole results and it was truly amazing! We had many choices as far as food goes for this country. Though tostadas and dobladas all looked just as simple, nothing sounded more lovely than empanadas. We definitely wanted to go completely from scratch on this one and it was not as difficult as we anticipated it to be (or perhaps we are just getting to be that good). Either way it was fun! We went with the traditional beef empanadas with the traditional fixings (sour cream and lettuce) along with a corn salsa for some spice.

A few interesting things that came up during this one:

  • Almost all the ingredients were measured in metric… so that took some googling
  • The cook temp was in Celsius, so that one was a shout out to Mrs. Spohn and Mr Pickett for solidifying that in the far recesses of my high school mind many years later
  • The typical empandas are baked, though fried anything always sounds lovely.
  • There was an excessive amount of dancing around the kitchen because the empanada making itself was a total riot
  • There were hard boiled eggs in the stuffing… that one was a real curve ball. Not something we were anticipating!

Empanada Recipe: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/e3/28/3c/e3283cf0168d77400fbf4e7077abeab6.jpg



Dough rolling and empanada stuffing




Ease of prep and cooking: 2.5 STARS out of five. This one was really pretty easy and since they are baked it was not hard to determine done-ness and they didn’t have to be “babysat” like frying oil would have been. I will say that metric conversion slowed up the process ever so slightly, but it was still quick!  
Best dish of all time scale: TWO stars out of five. This country was really lack luster. The food wasn’t bad, bland or gross by any means, it was just without a memorable impression. It was simple and standard and somewhat forgettable in that respect. Nothing to right home about but certainly a solid meal.


That’s pretty much all she wrote, folks! See you next week to see how the Aussies do it!! 😉

As the Quatemalan say— Adios and Buen Apetito!
-L & K

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