#4: Korea

Happy Memorial Day and big thanks to our men and women who proudly and courageously serve our country!

This week we cooked cuisine from Korea.  Since it was Memorial Day weekend ( the traditional time for firing up the BBQ and grilling wonderful meat); we decided that Korean BBQ sounded appropriate.  This meal was a fun, interesting and spicy twist on our normal pork BBQ tradition in our home.  The spices are readily available down the ethnic food aisle at the grocery store; but if you have the time I would recommend that you completely immerse yourself in this culture by visiting an Asian market for these ingredients.

This recipe was easy to find. There are so many variations! Korean’s refer to this BBQ as “Bulgogi” and let’s just say, it’s super spicy but really flavorful! I’m sure if you have kiddos (or adults like my dad) who can’t handle the heat— don’t throw them out of the kitchen like the saying goes; just tone down the red pepper flakes and Korean chili paste!

Be sure not to skip the step where you freeze the pork before cutting it. It may save time, but you will have the hardest time trying to slice it. Pork is naturally sinewy and  fatty, which makes for a tricky time cutting it. The freezing sets the meat so you can get it nice and thin.

We decided to grille it on the grille as it called for this– though I’m sure you can pan fry it if you don’t have access to a grille. Just throw it on the skewers like kabobs.

Pork Bulgogi Recipe: www.yummly.com/recipe/Daeji-Bulgogi-_spicy-Korean-Pork-Barbecue_-My-Recipes

Korean Spicy Slaw: 

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Ease of prep and cooking: TWO STARS out of five. This dish along with the sides (rice and coleslaw) were relatively easy to prepare.  Nothing tricky and no special cookware or kitchen tools (some people call these utensils…but I like referring to them as tools)  required.  
Best dish of all time scale: FIVE stars out of five. These dishes were quite simply out of this world good to eat! But not for the faint of heart…they are spicy and the longer the coleslaw marinates, the hotter it gets.  Of course, they were also healthy eats which made them all the better in my book.


There’s been a few requests for us to announce next weekend’s country at the end of our posts so that some people can cook along, or not die from the anticipation! With the poll from last week’s post, we are doing Guatemala! 

-L & K 

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