#1: Mexico


We had a debate on how to start our journey into food-land recently… how should we decide where to start?? Throw a dart in our map? Spin around and pin the tail on the first country we touch? Toss a globe in the air and whatever country my left pinky finger touches is the food we will commence with?!

All really good ideas. But when it came down to it, we, as we so often do in the Brovsky house, let our stomachs do the talking. Cinco de Mayo celebrations filled our city- which is known regionally and globally for it’s large Mexican population and kickin’ cuisine from South of the Border. So, with this our first weekend, we took it as a sign and paid humble homage to that tradition. We start our food extravaganza in Mexico.

THE DINNER: My mom has always made these amazing baked enchiladas. It’s a casserole and the recipe is very simple (as is the key to good Mexican food– Simplicity). I definitely will be happy to give away this family secret to anyone who really wishes to know- but the recipe is close to this one: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Enchilada-Casserole/

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Now, my mom is clever and has made these several variations in my time on this earth. You can make chicken ones (my favorite) and vegetarian ones (because I stick to mainly a vegetarian diet) include black beans. You could also use Mexican rice and corn.

We used the traditional ground beef in light of the holiday and because it sounded good at the time. Topped with green onions, black olives and PLENTY of sour cream (because that’s the best part!). We toasted margaritas and Coronas and set off to decide what next week would be!


Ease of prep and cooking: TWO STARS out of five. This meal is simple and ingredients are easily found.
Best dish of all time scale: THREE stars out of five. It is everyday delicious, though nothing that will leave you speechless. Good, solid standby.

Till next week!

– K

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