#2: Morocco


Hey foodies!
Hope your week found you enjoying nice weather… it snowed here… in May. Which I wish I could say was abnormal, but if I’m being honest, Colorado natives have seen stranger things happen. So, 10 inches of wet snow in May is really not something we concerned ourselves about.

We decided that since it was Mother’s Day weekend (and we didn’t want Mom to have to cook up a storm, but rather get to relax instead Sunday) we would do our country Saturday. And along that vein, since it was her weekend, we decided she should pick the country. She picked Morocco!
THE DINNER: We set out in search of a good tagine recipe and, of course, we had to find some good couscous to go with it!

We settled on the following:
Couscous: http://scrumpdillyicious.blogspot.com/2012/08/moroccan-couscous-with-roast-vegetables.html?m=1
Chicken Tagine: http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/chicken-tagine-with-lemons-olives-10000000226497/

We had a great time finding all the ingredients– turns out our spice cabinet was in massive need of some exotic spices. Turmeric and cumin to be precise. The kitchen smelled just as I would imagine a Moroccan market does by the end of it all. For all the ingredients, the dishes really weren’t difficult just time consuming. We weren’t trying to tackle more than we could handle, so traditional Naan was purchased at the grocers instead of trying to find a wood burning stove or a wood pit to make ours traditionally. Perhaps some things really are best left to the experts? Speaking of which, some of the instructions in the recipes left something to be desired and something to the imagination.

Some things said in the kitchen this week:

  • “To drain or not to drain liquid from the chicken. That really is the question…?”
  • “Do you suppose they really meant a whole red onion? Of what size?”
  • “I wonder if you’re supposed to chop the olives in the chicken?”
  • “We should always dance when cooking.”

Ok… to be fair, the last one isn’t applicable to the recipes– but we really enjoy dancing in our house…

016748c9321e7fa9d18178c273a2fa6eb3a49484b8 011c422dd4bd70843e85741540d6b5ae3319d8fce9 01c66249862c6f334f606b340d5643c60f6a57894e

Ease of prep and cooking: THREE STARS out of five. This meal is offered some challenges in prep work. LOTS of chopping and some “babysitting” with the couscous.
Best dish of all time scale: TWO stars out of five. Universally we agreed that the chicken was a little dry, though flavorful. I personally would have liked to grille the veggies to make them much more crisp in the couscous- it seemed oven roasting just didn’t do the trick like we would have wanted. That being said, it was all so very yummy and leftovers were still delicious well into the week! BONUS!


Later Gators!
– K

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