Around the World in 195 Sundays…

Welcome Food Lovers!

My wonderfully brilliant mother had an epiphany one night last week…She, in all her adventurous wonder, was going to cook and bake; grille and saute; season and baste her culinary way around the world. Her goal is simple. There are 195 countries (according to Wikipedia) and over the course of 195 weekends to come, we, the Brovsky clan will embark on native cuisine from each of these lands. One country each Sunday will be invited into our Colorado home and given a warm welcome.

Call us foodies. passionate. silly. crazy. But this truth remains: a wonderful adventure it will be.

So armed with a map and hungry for more, each week, we will be updating you on the new and interesting menu we have planned. Sure, it’s certainly a lot of work ahead… but we should all believe, “Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with complete abandon or not at all.”


READY! SET! Dig in!

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